Phase 2 of the HCG Diet starts on the third day immediately after the loading days. Once you are done with the first two days of the diet that require you to eat as much food as you can get your hands on, you should then take the HCG drops depending on the time you set to take them. Once you have taken the drops make a reference to your food list depending on how many days you intend to be on the diet. People choose different number of days depending on how much weight they intend to lose. This phase of the diet requires you to be on a 500 calorie diet until the last day of the phase. There are sample phase 2 recipes that are given for guidance.

For breakfast, one should take either coffee or tea. No sugar is allowed in this phase. However, only one sweetener is allowed in the HCG diet in phase two. This is stevia. This sweetener is known to have more sugar additives compared to other sweetener. It is therefore important to ensure you only take a little of it. When taking coffee, you are allowed to add just one tablespoon of milk to the coffee. However, this is only allowed once in every 24 hours.

During lunch, the diet requires you to eat a total of 100grams in protein. Since different foods vary in weight, you are advised to measure each food. Measuring is best done while the food is raw in order to ensure you get accurate results. The protein you should eat during this time include; chicken, shrimp, lean beef, lobster, crab and fish. You are also allowed to add certain fruits and vegetables to your lunch. Some of the vegetables allowed are; asparagus, cabbage, lettuce, cucumbers and spinach. For fruits you can have one apple, about 6 grapes or half a grape fruit. The recipes are all up to you, you can get as creative as you like while on the HCG diet. However, you should make sure that the preparation method does not involve addition of other ingredients that have a lot of calories.

Just make sure you purchase best hcg drops. Otherwise, no matter how strong you stick to these recipes weight loss won’t happen.

For dinner, you eat the same as you ate for lunch. The food items for dinner are; 100 grams of protein, a fruit or vegetable and a toast of Melba. The recipes for dinner should also be made with a lot of consideration for the calories. This is because the second phase of the HCG diet aims at keeping you on a 500 calorie diet. Therefore, addition of other ingredients may add a lot of calories which may create a setback in your weight loss.

In general sample phase 2 recipes are not really difficult because the phase does not involve too much eating. The only thing special about this phase is the fact that you need to learn how to prepare the dinner and lunch in a way that enables you to maintain the diet in 500 calorie range. This you can learn from the manuscript Pounds and Inches that gives examples on phase 2 recipes.