For many people who are looking for ways to stay healthy through a safe weight lose program, Hcg inj have been proven to aid weight lose in just a matter of 8 weeks by loosing 1 pound per day. The medication, whose primary function is to improve fertility in women and increase sperm production in men, has been discovered to help in weight lose as well.

If you are tired of living an unhealthy lifestyle and want to try the shots, here are the guaranteed benefits you are going to get.

Suppresses food cravings

Most people who are suffering from excess body weight problems also tend to have very high appetites. They find it difficult to avoid some of their favorite foods hence making weight lose journey a difficult task. The good news is that with HCG injection, your metabolism is set in a way that you will only eat two meals a day without feeling hungry or food cravings. HCG diet comes with a list of foods that you have to follow without adding any of your favorites which may not be in the list.

Rapid weight lose

Loosing a pound in just a day is not an easy task. It requires a lot of sacrifices and lifestyle changes. However, Hcg inj make loosing 1 to 2 pounds a day appear like just a walk in the park. The shots limit your food intake allowing you to take only 500 calories a day without feeling weak or hungry throughout the day. The diet is made up of specific proteins, vegetables and fruits in varied amounts. These together with the shots, is enough to make you shade off excess weight without going to the gym.


Many weight lose medications are not prescribed by doctors hence you may question their safety. However, Hcg inj are prescribed by doctors and you can use them without any fear. They are easily accessible in many licensed clinics and you also buy it from a trusted pharmacy. However, beware of over the counter ones since they may not be original or may not have a good prescription.

Minimal lifestyle changes

Unlike other weight lose medications, Hcg inj does not require you to adjust your lifestyle too much. The only thing you need to change is the amount of food you take per day and stay away from carbohydrates, fatty foods and dairy products for a short time. You don’t need to follow HCG protocol for a lifetime since you can go back to your normal diet after finishing the complete four phases of the diet. If you adhere to the four phases, your body will stabilize and you will not gain back excess fat after resuming your normal diet.

Increased energy

HCG injection signals the body to break down stored fat cells and turn them into energy. The steady supply of energy to your blood stream increases energy level and helps keep you from feeling weak or dizzy. This will make you active and improve your performance throughout the day.

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Many people who have used HCG diet have achieved their desired results and are happy they made the decision. If you want to join them, following HCG diet protocol accompanied by Hcg inj should be a good choice for you.